I am often astounded by beauty.  Its magic and mystery comes upon me with hushed wonder.

I see beauty contained inherently in the simplicity of life, and it begs to be revered and celebrated. I see it in a child’s laugh, a lover’s gaze, a smile, a flower unfolding, the way that the sun falls in light and shadow. My heart’s desire is to honor and create this “moment in time” representation of beauty.  

Photography is a way for me to express my awe and amazement visually as well as show others what is true and essential. I bring this vision into photography sessions by using soft natural landscapes that draw out and complement the intrinsic beauty of the individual.  My photographs are not built on posing or pretence, but on seeing you for who you authentically are.  I create a warm, welcoming, and sacred space that allows your inner beauty and resonance to be revealed and seen. 



For me, taking photographs is a way to actively and creatively love people, nature, and the world, one moment and one photograph at a time.  

Often when we speak of ourselves and the world, we focus on what is ugly and overlook what is valuable and vibrant. 

I’m here to change that.

I want people to be able to see themselves in their innate beauty and brilliance.  As I take your photographs, I will ask you gentle questions that allow me to celebrate the real and essential aspects of your life and your heart.  Together, we will engage what is most meaningful and true for and within you.



My gift to you is offering a welcoming, nurturing, and empathetic space where you can relax and feel comfortable. I provide an artistic vision that allows your beauty to shine. I capture and memorialize events so that you will be able to remember and share cherished markers in life.

I desire to celebrate and honor your personality and essential self. The photographs that come from our session will give you an opportunity to share who you are with your loved ones and the world. 


I look forward to showing you who you really are: vibrant, beautiful, and full of life!


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