"Mandy has the rare gift of being able to see the essence of who people truly are, even if they don't see it in themselves. Through her photography, she is able to capture that essence and bring it to life. When I look at the photos she took of me, I am reminded of who I am. I see myself, and I actually like looking at me!" ~ David


"We got the packet of photos in the mail today and immediately ripped it open to look at all of the photos. They look awesome! Thank you again for all of you help, we are so happy we got to work with some as talented as you!" ~ Becca and Rudy


"I would recommend working with Mandy Curtis to anyone who has small children! She was very patient and allowed my child to express herself freely throughout the photo shoot. At the end of the photo shoot, my child gave her a hug and proclaimed that Mandy is her friend. In addition to the great experience of working with Mandy, the pictures turned out great and I sent them to all of my relatives." ~ Jen


"I thought Mandy was fabulous with the kids, and even though my son is a little stubborn and didn't want his picture taken Mandy was able to capture his personality. I love the pictures, and I thoroughly enjoyed our time!!!" ~ Melissa


"I LOVE the photos of my little ones and they had fun posing for Mandy." ~ Ivy


"Mandy offered a patient and compassionate atmosphere that allowed me to get past my discomfort of being photographed.  With her assistance I was able to find a soulful presence while she captured glimpses of the peace and joy that were flowing. I have never been one to smile in photos...Mandy helped me find my smile!! If you are looking to find yours, I highly recommend In Essence Photography." ~ Lisa


"Mandy captures something so core, so unguarded so that our humanity is revealed in such a way that I have hope for us. For myself." ~ Christine


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